Isaac Hayes III

CEO of FanBase

Isaac Hayes III has definitely made all the right moves. From songwriter and producer, brand manager to tech founder, to being an integral part of electing Atlanta’s Keisha Lance Bottoms as Mayor, his business, social and political activism is on a steep rise making him a pillar of Atlanta’s African American community.

Isaac began a multi-ventured 21 year career as a songwriter-producer that transitioned into scoring music for TV networks and movies. His songwriting-producing credits include 6x’s platinum T-Pain’s – “Buy You A Drank” to music in films such as “Pitch Perfect 2”“Think Like A Man Too” and Kevin Hart’s “About Last Night”. Isaac is also credited with scoring for numerous TV networks and shows on MTV, FOX, Bravo, ESPN, TNT, VH1, NBC and countless others.

Isaac’s next career venture in 2013 took him into the family business as President and C.E.O of Isaac Hayes Enterprises. Managing the name, image, likeness, brand, masters and publishing catalog of his soul icon father, Isaac Hayes.

His passion for his community and his hometown of Atlanta, GA. propelled him into the political arena in 2017, where he championed and served to help elect Atlanta’s 60th Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. His fearless and savvy use of social media and deep knowledge of Atlanta politics ignited the spark that created a social media and political movement of citizens, activists and entertainment community leaders that brought the election and it’s urgent importance directly to voters which changed the trajectory of a closely contested race.

Isaac is now on a new path as a first time founder and CEO of tech start up Fanbase, which raised 2.7 Million Dollars in seed funding on StartEngine in November, 2020. Fanbase is 2nd all time for the most money raised in one day for a Reg CF on the platform at $766,000. Isaac is also the 2nd Black man on StartEngine and 3rd black man ever to raise 1 Million Dollars in a Reg CF campaign.

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