Bright Aboagye

Senior Account Executive, Indeed Netherlands B.V.

Bright is Dutch Ghanaian with a bachelor degree in International Business Administraion from the HES Amsterdam School of Business. He has been in sales for the past 1 years working for different media outlets, IT and tech companies. Besides his core job he has also been active as a social entrepreneur with Rainmakers Foundation focused on helping the African diaspora prosper in their career endeavours and creating bridges between jobseekers and employers and between established entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

He is also part of the Ye Bo Game platform that mainly focuses on creating games and organising physical events that bring people together to have fun. Bright’s ability to listen with care and advise people makes him excel in his performances. He has embraced and nurtured this skill that makes him standout in his role as Regional Co-Chair of the Black Inclusion Group at Indeed. He loves to motivate and inspire people; teaching them that believing in yourself is the first step to make progress in life. Self-development and self-motivation are key in surpassing expectations of your fellow people. As he likes to say in his on words “We are the role models of the next generation. Optimism is everything”.

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