We Make Tech Accessible and Inclusive.

BLK Men in Tech (BMiT) is a nonprofit organization with the mission of elevating the voice of Black men in the technology space through offering year-round engagement opportunities for people in our community, The Neighborhood.

It’s often the case that Black men must develop a certain degree of mental toughness to navigate their careers and achieve their goals without compromising on their cultural values. Through our continual efforts, we aim to establish a neighborhood that is committed to providing current and future tech leaders with the resources and opportunities they need to achieve greatness in this highly complex industry.

Meet The Founder

Kham Ward

Kham Ward is a diversity executive in the tech space, where he is responsible for implementing comprehensive strategies and cultivating a sense of inclusivity. He provides companies across the world with the tools needed to drive innovation, revenue, and human capital growth.

Kham’s philosophy is that while diversity is the first step, a truly inclusive environment requires the utmost tolerance, vulnerability, and trust.

As an adventure seeker turned family man, one of Kham’s bucket list items includes visiting every Disney park in the world. So far, he’s completed 2 out of 6.

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