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It’s often the case that Black men must develop a certain degree of mental toughness to navigate their careers and achieve their goals without compromising on their cultural values. The Black Men in Tech Conference 2021 exists to help these brothers out by offering them a chance to hear the stories of other Black professionals who have found success in the tech industry.

Our mission is to elevate the voice of Black men in the technology space by making philanthropic contributions and offering year-round engagement opportunities for people in our community, The Neighborhood.

Through our continual efforts, we aim to establish a network of Black men and allies who are committed to providing current and future tech leaders with the resources and opportunities they need to achieve greatness in this highly complex industry.

Understand that, by joining us in our efforts, you are doing your part to help make Black excellence known in the tech industry.

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We engage with like-minded professionals during our global conference experience.


We build community through our year-round engagement opportunities.


We support future Black tech professionals with our philanthropic opportunities

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